1986 Gold Panda Coin

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The 1986 gold panda coin is the fifth coin in the series. The mintage is considerably higher for this year, consequently, the price is much more in line with the gold spot price - the premium being much lower. That said, it is still comparatively scarce to other gold bullion coins.

This coin, pictured here to the left, has a legal tender value of 100 Yuan. The scene has a panda bear standing on all fours. The Great Wall of China is on the obverse of the coin.

As a part of the purchase price, you will receive the coin in original mint packaging as shown here to the left.

Few remain in original mint packaging with many having been melted down over the years. Others are often in impaired condition.

Typically we have good supplies of this date. Remember, all purchases come with a money back guarantee and international shipping is available!


Other Photos and Specifications

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Weight: 1 troy ounce
Mintage: 107,152
Purity: 99.9%
Face Value: 100 Yuan